Bio safety cabinets / CRYSTE

Class ll type A2 biological safety cabinet that protects the user and lab environment from the biohazard factor and prevents cross contamination of various samples used in experiments. Suitable for laboratories requiring higher levels of safety grade 2. Intake air and working chamber air are drawn to the underplenum of the worktop bench ensuring user safety in assured. 70% recirculated air is filtered with the HEPA filter, ensuring product safety is assured. 30% exhausting air is emitted through the HEPA filter, which complies with the environmental safety requirements of the laboratory.

Equipment that enables safe UV sterilizer - UV sterilization will effect micro organisms at the surface of work table. While UV light is on, front reinforcement glass door protects the user by blocking UV rays. Automatically turns off UV light when opening the door or turning on the fluoresent lamp.

Checking the life and performance of filters through a differential pressure gauge - Measure the pressure of the bottom HEPA filter to check the performance and lifespan of the filter in real time, allowing more safe and efective testing.

Front-side 10 degree tilting design for user's convenience - Ergonomic 10degrees tilting design allows users to make a convenient posture during experiment, which enables user's neck, shoulders and back comfortable despite long work with the cabinet. Also user's eyes can be protected from the reflection of light to the glass surface by this tilting design.

Strengthen sample and user safety - Protect specimen and user's safety by inflow and downflow control. Internal air pressure is maintained with negative pressure compared to the outside, preventing the contaminated air from escaping through the gaps.

High performance motor to maintain the set airflow velocity - Regardless of filter loads, airflow velocity can be maintained at the set value through the high performance motor.

Easy and quick maintenance due to short filter replacement time - The filters can be replaced in any direction in front or upper of the cabinet, minimizing the time required for maintenance to be maintained regardless of the installation conditions.

Strengthen validation support using higher performance filters - HEPA filter that enables to remove 99.995% of particles that have a size greater than or equal to 0.3㎛. Optional ULPA filter that enables to remove 99.9995% of particles that have a size greater than or equal to 0.12㎛.