Blood Bank Refrigerators/ PHCbi

The MBR-1405GR Blood Bank Refrigerator is designed to is designed to store 720 pcs of 450ml blood bags by the reliable temperature control utilizing PHCbi original technology. A special highly efficient compressor designed and developed by PHCbi provides rapid cooling and quiet performance for each model. Ideally suited for whole blood storage with stable and reliable temperature control for various inventory loads. MBR Blood Bank Refrigerators with a highly efficient compressor that provides superior temperature recovery, rapid cooling and quiet performance for each model. Designed with all the features for blood product preservation such as superior uniformity, microprocessor control, and large flexible storage capacity. Whatever your preservation needs are, PHCbi provides the right equipment to meet your exact needs.

  • User Friendly Design
  • Environmental Friendly
  • The Ideal +4°C Environment for Safe & Reliable Storage of Whole Blood
  • PHCbi MBR series are designed to minimize cold air loss even with frequent door openings.
  • Temperature Control
  • Roll-out drawers
  • Plexiglas inner doors
  • Forced Air Circulation for Enhanced Temperature Stability
  • Temperature Monitoring Features
  • Fluorescent interior lamp with ON/OFF switch
  • Audible and flashing LED visual alarms with remote alarm contacts
  • Unified remote monitoring system for PHCbi products (optional)
  • PHCbi Data Acquisition Software MTR-2000