CO2 shaking incubators/ N-BIOTEK

CO2 Shaking Incubator with two Build-in Shaker

• The NB-206CL is small economical version of Anicell, this 179 L direct heat CO2 incubator is equipped with built-in two detechable mini shakers on 2 shelves. This is ideal for small capacity of suspension cell culture. It is also available to be used as typical CO2 incubator if shakers are taken out from shelf.

• Temperature, CO2 %, RPM of 2 shakers and humidity are respectively displayed. Humidity is naturally formed by water pan located on the floor of the chamber. Built-in shaker is run by BLDC Magnetic Induction Drive having advantage such as low noise, low vibration, low particle or heat occurrence.

• Much smaller foor print and economical price than Anicell. The smaller chamber than large Anicell is better to provide more stable temperature, CO2 control and faster recovery time.

Natural Air and Moisture Convection – Air & moisture
In chamber are distributed Naturally by 6 side heating,
air circulation fan

Plate type brushless DC MOTOR provides low vibration,
low dust and low noise


• Economical and small volume CO2 incubator shaker
• 179 L CO2 incubator with built-in two mini shakers
• Low noise and vibration using small BLDC motor shaker
• Excellent uniformity of CO2, temperature, humidity in small 179 L chamber
• Shaker is detachable and it can be used for adherent cell culture in that case
• Non Slip Rubber Pad (standard) and Sticky mat is available (Optional)
• Various Platforms (Flasks 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, Tube Rack, 96-well Micro Plate Rack)
• Natural Humidification using water tray on the bottom of the heated chamber
• Controlling each shakers in control at out of chamber
• View RPM and temperature, humidity on LED display