Radio safety Cabinets/ YAKOS

Comply with USP797 guideline
Air Flow: 70% recirculated / 30% exhausted design.
Working Area Cleanliness: Class 100 (ISO 5).
Cabinet Main Construction: Stainless steel #304 working area.
Dual wall stainless steel #304 construction. Working area surrounded with negative pressure plenums for maximum safety.
55 mm sliding lead glass window barrier in front of W515*H313 mm.
Ergonomic 10 degree angle window design, reduces discomfort over long-term use of limbs and eye-strain.
Supply/Exhaust HEPA Filter: 99.99% efficiency for particle size at 0.3 micron (Class H14).
Patent design for the fixation of HEPA filters.
Removable single-piece work tray can be easily removed for cleaning.
Safety Interlock: UV lamp interlocked with the window, fluorescent light and blower.
When the window is not at the operation height of 20 cm, it will release an audible and visual alarm automatically.

Energy-saving ECM DC motor.