Automated Fluorescence imaging inside your incubator
The CytoSMART Lux3 FL is a small fluorescence live-cell imaging microscope equipped with one brightfield and two fluorescent channels (green and red). The device enables researchers to unravel cellular processes in real-time, providing lots of valuable data about the experiments and answers if, when, how, and to what extend the cellular processes occur. CytoSMART’s first fluorescent cell imaging device allows users to track dynamic cellular processes with high specificity by taking high-quality images to create real-time time-lapse movies. Simultaneously, the cells are kept in a controlled environment inside a standard cell culture incubator. Currently, fluorescent labeling is mostly used as an end-point measurement. However, time-lapse imaging of live cells can give much more information about biological processes. By using automated imaging at regular time intervals, the temporal resolution of the fluorescent data is increased, leading to even more relevant data about the cellular processes. In this way, with fluorescence microscopy, researchers can not only determine if a certain process has occurred, but also when it occurred and at what speed.

Live insight in cellular processes -

Get the whole story and observe the development of cellular processes while they occur. The CytoSMART Lux3 fluorescence imaging microscope automatically creates time-lapse movies that contain many cellular features. The videos are made from inside the incubator without disturbing your cells and can be immediately accessed and analyzed remotely via the CytoSMART Cloud, providing real-time updates on your cell cultures and running experiments.

Analyze cells in their desired culture environment
Combine fuorescence and brighflield live-cell imaging inside the same incubator. Kinetic fluorescence imaging of cellular processes requires environmental control throughout the experiment. Because of its small size, the Lux3 FL fits inside any standard incubator. This enables you to perform fluorescent live-cell imaging experiments parallel to your regular cell cultures. Because of the remote data accessibility in the CytoSMART Cloud, your cells do not have to be disturbed during the experiment. This makes sure the cells are in the most optimal culture conditions as possible. Next to this, the remote data accessibility prevents you from making unnecessary lab visits.

Simultaneous analysis of multiple cell features
Expand the number of variables you can analyze in your cell culture. Using CytoSMART Lux3 FL, you can analyze green and red fluorescent tags simultaneously with your brightfield images. This not only saves you time but also provides tools to distinguish cells from each other or distinguish labeled structures within the cells. By tracking changes in the fluorescent signal over time, cell number changes or fluorescently tagged cellular components can easily be identified.