Automated Live Cell Microscopy with a Remote Connection
Live insight in cell health and growth rates - Culturing cells can be a black-box experiment. In between inspection rounds assumptions are made of cell growth rates and cell viability based on the researchers experience. Using the CytoSMART Lux2, these assumptions are redundant as time-lapse movies are automatically generated and can be assessed immediately. Obtain real-time updates of the health of your cells, even during image acquisition.

Online connection to inspect your cell cultures -

CytoSMART’s compact cell video monitoring system can film living cells without disturbing their growth. The device is accessible from an online environment, thus enabling researchers to look at their cell cultures and assess what the next steps are, without having to step into the laboratory.

Perfect timing of subculturing -
Using cell monitoring software, users can set alerts for target confluence levels. You will receive a notification email once your cell culture has reached the set confluence and is ready for subculture or experiments, such as transfection. The notification system uses CytoSMART’s cloud-based image analysis algorithms. Recorded images are analyzed in real-time to determine the confluence level (% occupied area), providing insight in proliferation rates

With the CytoSMART™ Lux2 you have a big advantage over your colleagues and competitors. With our cloud-based solution, you have access to the following application anywhere and anytime you need it:

• Monitor cell division
• Monitor cell growth and confluence
• Analyze cell migration and wound healing.
• Monitoring colony formation
• Time lapse imaging
• Study chemotaxis
• Study cells cultured inside microfluidic devices
• Study stem cell differentiation
• Cell culture QC
However, you are not limited to these applications or the CytoSMART™ image analysis software. All images and movies can be downloaded from the CytoSMART™ Cloud environment so you can use other (custom) image analysis algorithms if necessary.