Freeze Dryer/ COLE PARMER

Harvest Right Benchtop Freeze Dryers

Preserves freshness, potency, color, and nutrition of your samples

• Requires little to no maintenance to operate
• Constructed with a durable stainless steel chamber and collector
• Ideal for countertops, carts, or tables

These Harvest Right freeze dryers perform seven times faster than air drying. Automatic management of the freeze-drying process removes water from frozen samples within 24 hours, preserving the freshness, potency, color, and nutrition of your plants, herbs, and organic compounds. Ideal vacuum pressure and drying temperature is maintained for each material.

Little to no maintenance is required to keep the dryer running smoothly. A stand-alone filter cleans the vacuum pump oil permitting you to reuse it, saving you money and allowing the pump to perform efficiently. The pump does require an occasionally oil change which only take one to two minutes to replace.