Thermal Cyclers/ COLE-PARMER

PCRmax Alpha Cyclers

Easily create, modify and access programs, saving time

  • Flexible—your choice of one, two, or four block capacities in 96-well, 384-well, or mixed formats
  • Independently control each block for simplified temperature and space optimization
  • Software allows quick access to commonly used protocols

These compact thermal cyclers deliver reproducible results every run—with little to no training needed. Features include a clear responsive touch screen, secure user-specific programming, adjustable heated lid, and active sample cooling for sharper amplification.

A Program Wizard generates a protocol specific to your sequence in seconds—a quick way to optimize new assays. Units also retain approximately 1000 reports for reviewing at a later date and run on an intuitive, HD Android™ tablet interface. Save your personal settings to your USB drive; sign in is as simple as inserting your USB drive, no password needed.

Techne 3 Prime PCRs

Choose from a reliable and robust selection of thermal cycling options based on your needs

  • Colorful touch screen allows for quick set up and easy programming with intuitive software
  • Uses the Peltier effect—a chosen method for the most trusted thermal cyclers on the market
  • Heated lid prevents condensation in your samples

These high-performance thermal cyclers provide robust and reliable operation that is user friendly and easy on the pocketbook. Intuitive programming feature allows you to easily set up to 1000 programs (unlimited with USB) with password protection to minimize inadvertent changes in settings. Use the color touch screen to create even the most complex programs.

Heated lid has an adjustable temperature range of 100 to 115°C prevent condensation in your samples. All units have the ability to transfer programs via the USB port between instruments or to your PC. An industry-leading 4-year warranty ensures years of reliable results