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We represent Next Adavance Inc USA , for supply & to provide after sales support to their Bullet Blender Tissue Homogenizers in India

Now we are partnered with DIACHROM BIOTECH SWITZERLAND , the manufacturers of BIO REACTORS & FERMENTORS

Bioneer now in India and represented by J.J Biotek exclusively in India for Life Science Product.

World's first fully automated
Protein Synthesis and Nucleic Acid Extraction System from Bioneer.

Please experience hands on the World's first Automated Protein
Synthesis/Purification and RNA/DNA Extraction System at our

  Cell Biology Immunology
  Moleclarbiology Microbiology
  Biofuels/Agro Bio Process

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Cancer Research
QIAGEN offers a wide range of integrated solutions and technologies to facilitate advancements in cancer research.
Epigenetics, gene expression, miRNA, genotyping, pathway studies
Learn about our dedicated cancer research tools
Human Identity & Forensic Testing
PCR-based workflows give human identity and forensic testing facilities the quality, speed, and accuracy they need to achieve success.
Forensic casework, paternity testing, disaster victim identification, anthropology
Investigate our full range of forensic testing products
Microbiology Research
Dedicated technologies for microbiologists — simplifying and streamlining microbiology, immunology, and infectious disease research.
Microbial detection, quantification, and identification, host-pathogen profiling
Learn about our microbiology research solutions
Molecular Diagnostics
QIAGEN provides solutions from sample to result for companion diagnostics (oncology), infectious disease and transplantation testing, and detection of sexually transmitted diseases and latent tuberculosis.
Personalized healthcare, profiling, prevention, infectious disease testing, cancer,   oncology, HPV testing, and more
Find out what QIAGEN provides for molecular diagnostics



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