Pilot Freeze Dryer/ GOLD-SIM


    • Mode of operation – manual, semi-automatic and automatic • Vacuum system could be set and adjusted based on the customer’s demands, with low level & high level settings and alarming function, ensuring the good performance of vacuum system
    • The system is equipped with graphical displayed heated defrosting panel and inherent program, clear and convenient for the customers
    • The three minutes delay start-up function protects the refrigeration system to the maximum extend, meanwhile ensures refrigeration effect and the life span of compressor, compressor has pressure protection function.
    • The system is equipped with inherent program of automatic backfilling system, graphical displaying the backfilling function, the backfilling gas and whether the gas should be filtered could be chosen based on the customers’ demands
    • The standard anti-backflow device of vacuum system ensures a good vacuum effect and life span of vacuum pump. High performance vacuum pump speeds up the removal of moisture and enhances the cooling capacity of freeze dryer.
    • The build-in computer and touch screen real-time displays lyophilisation process and working condition of main components of the freeze drying system, convenient to operate
    • The monitoring system real-time displays vacuum degree, cold trap temperature, sample temperature, shell temperature, etc.,
    • Data recording system saves data at an interval of freely settable range of 1-30 min.
    • Front of cabinet has 5 plug-in systems, able to proceed lyophilisation of ampule bottles and flask bottles (50-1000ml) simultaneously, with vacuum filtering system of sample
    • APCS- Automatic Process Control System, automatically controls the whole drying process from pre-freezing to defrosting, saves 10 pre-programmed or user-defined protocols.
    • Shelf has protection which prevents dropping of flasks/tray
    • The inner surface of cold trap has been processed with special crafts, beneficial for defrosting, cleaning and disinfection
    • Drying chamber and cold trap are separately equipped with observation window
    • Thermal insulation material of the whole unit is environmental protection closed foam, flame retardant insulation board
    • The alarming system would alarm automatically in case of mal-function, meanwhile recording the alarm information.
    • The main panel locking function prevents operation error and manipulation
    • Pilot freeze dryer can be connected to computer by cables (optional, you can only choose one control method between touch screen control and computer control)
    • Temperature and vacuum could be calibrated, engineer could calibrate freeze dryer after running sometime
    • Safe stoppering sytem – in order to conserve sample after freeze drying, seated stoppering system in vacuum condition is installed with a moving part which uses hydraulic device to realize safe and precise sealing

Circulation System

Circulation system consists of welding plate heat exchanger, shielding type circulating pump and PID controlled electric heating unit. Circulating fluid is low temperature, low viscosity silicon oil. Plate heat exchanger adopts Switzerland low-temeperature stainless steel material, small in size, high efficiency and reliability, no leakage.

Drying Chamber

• Protective interlock system-vacuum pump oil non-return valve mounted in the gas inlet can make gas enter into vacuum pump just as the direction shown in the picture. In case of sudden power failure, vacuum oil could not counter-flow into the vacuum tubing system, which can protect sample in the chamber from oil containment. Moisture in tubing system is also prevented from entering into the vacuum pump. Once vacuum pump quits working, the unit automatically backfills sterilized gas so as to provide the maximum protection for the pump and the sample.
• Oil mist filter – this is to filter and recycle vacuum pump oil so as to avoid containment.
• Oil water separation device – oil water separator mounted inside vacuum pump could collect and evaporate water or other solution entering into pump so as to make it exhausted from gas valve. We suggest running the pump with the gas valve open at a two months interval to let the vapour out.

Cooling System

The inner cylinder of cold trap can frost uniformly and defrost easily and quickly, block ice can be taken out after few minutes, shortening defrosting time. The smooth and coved inner surface makes it easy and convenient to sterilize. The door of cold trap is made of high strength, explosion-proof, transparent PP material. The vacuum pipeline system of cold trap is professional pumping system, enables cold trap to trap vapour to the biggest extent, preventing vapor from entering into vacuum pump and drying chamber. There is an isolating valve between drying chamber and cold trap, vacuum can be detected to finalize end of freeze drying. Cascade refrigeration technology, hermetically sealed compressor, welding refrigeration pipeline, capillary throtting technology. Air-cooled or water cooled method is available. The system runs with little vibration and low noise, specifically suitable for laboratory use. Compressor has 3 min start-up delay function, prolong the lifespan of compressor to the biggest extent.