Laboratory Freeze Dryer/ GOLD-SIM

Most economic freeze dryers with high ice capacity, suitable for drying of sample containing water.


    • Two drying modes available: automatic and manual
    • Program controlled backfilling system
    • Program controlled defrosting system
    • Compressor start-up delay function minimizes damage to compressor and prolongs its working life
    • Automatic purge system to protect samples from contamination of the counter-flow of vaccum pump oil and oxidation of oxygen-sensitive samples by inserting sterilized nitrogen gas once vacuum pump quits working (optional)
    • Monitoring system real time displays processing parameters such as vacuum pressure, cold trap temperature.
    • Compressor start-up delay function – minimizes damage to compressor and prolongs pump’s life time.
    • Patented cold trap anti-backflow system
    • Vaccum oil anti-backflow system
    • Oil mist filter
    • Oil-water separator

Compressor Start-Up Delay Function

What we should pay attention when using a compressor is to avoid frequent start-up. Oherwise, the compressor could be burnt out, or its service time could be shortened. Our compressor has start-up delay function which could protect compressor. When the unit needs to be restarted after frequent power interruption, the fan of the radiator starts to work to remove heat, then the compressor powers on.

Vacuum Pump

• Protective interlock system-vacuum pump oil non-return valve mounted in the gas inlet can make gas enter into vacuum pump just as the direction shown in the picture. In case of sudden power failure, vacuum oil could not counter-flow into the vacuum tubing system, which can protect sample in the chamber from oil containment. Moisture in tubing system is also prevented from entering into the vacuum pump. Once vacuum pump quits working, the unit automatically backfills sterilized gas so as to provide the maximum protection for the pump and the sample.
• Oil mist filter – this is to filter and recycle vacuum pump oil so as to avoid containment.
• Oil water separation device – oil water separator mounted inside vacuum pump could collect and evaporate water or other solution entering into pump so as to make it exhausted from gas valve. We suggest running the pump with the gas valve open at a two months interval to let the vapour out.