Kjeldahl apparatus / LABCONCO

Kjeldahl Digestion Apparatus

Kjeldahl Digestion units are designed for laboratories that require separate digestion stations. Six-Place Digestion units draw fumes through the manifold using a remote blower exhaust system.

These units may be placed in a well ventilated room away from normal laboratory operations or placed inside a floor-mounted chemical fume hood. The Two-Place Digestion Unit offers the same rugged construction as larger Kjeldahl models, plus it is compact and may be placed inside a fume hood.

Kjeldahl Distillation Apparatus

Kjeldahl Distillation Units are designed for mounting on a base cabinet or table. Models are available with two or six heaters.

Micro Digestors

Micro Digestors provide accurate results for Kjeldahl digestions using either 30 or 100 milliliter flasks. Each heater has individual infinite heat control to provide precise heat to each sample. Micro Digestors are fully assembled and ready to use. Simply plug into a suitable electrical receptacle and connect to a water aspirator or use in a fume hood. The RapidStill I is the ideal companion for the Micro Digestor.

Rapid Digestors

Available in 4- or 25-place models, Rapid Digestors have an individual ceramic block heater module for each tube for efficient, uniform heat transfer. Unlike aluminum block designs, Labconco's ceramic modules have virtually the same coefficient of heat expansion as the digestion tube for rapid destruction of organic materials and fast digestions. Digestion times range from 25 to 45 minutes depending on the sample type and catalyst. Each ceramic heater is insulated on all four sides as well as the bottom to prevent heat loss and reduce external housing temperature.