Cryostorage Freezer Systems WORTHINGTON

Cyro Exchange Vapor Shippers
The Worthington Industries Cryo Exchange (CX) Series of vapor shippers is designed to safely transport biological samples and other materials at cryogenic temperatures.

The upright biological microscopes are available in many configurations like the common bright and darkfield contrast but also for phase contrast and models for polarization applications or fluorescence microscopy. Customer specific configurations are also possible.

Storage temperatures inside the shipping chamber remain at approximately -1900C until the liquid nitrogen evaporates from the adsorbent material.
• The unique adsorbent material prevents a liquid spill if the unit is tipped over, and the CXR100 and CXR500 offer the convenience of replaceable adsorbent material kits in the event of contamination or sample spills.
• The CXR500 provides either easy-to-use box-type storage or frame and cassette-style storage for the shipment of blood bags.

Cryo Shipper Features:
• Advanced Concept Adsorbent enables faster charging
• Compliant with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations for Open Cryogenic Receptacles (PI202-Packaging Instruction 202).
• Dependable, strong necktube design and ribbed, high strength aluminum body
• Superior vacuum performance with super insulation provides maximum holding times
• Temperature loggers available for all models
• Lockable lids for sample security during transport
• Optional lightweight, protective, hard-shell shipping cases

LABS SERIES Cyrostorage Freezer Systems

The Worthington Industries Laboratory Archival Biological Storage (LABS) Series Cryostorage Systems are cryogenic freezers designed with state-of-the-art engineering.

They feature highly efficient units with very low LN2 consumption and extremely stable near-liquid temperatures at the top of the inventory control systems, making the LABS Series the benchmark in biobanking cold storage equipment. Liquid nitrogen storage in either liquid or vapor phase applications make the LABS Series the definitive choice for long-term sample storage application where temperature stability and sample security are required. Product formerly branded CryoScience by Taylor-Wharton, which was acquired by Worthington Industries.

LABS Freezer Features:

• LN2 storage in either liquid or vapor phase
• All stainless steel construction
• Single-point aluminum turntable design
• Hinged lid and stainless steel table top working surface
• Enhanced and intuitive controller technology
• Capabilities for data collection, event scheduling and enhanced security settings


The Worthington Industries Liquid Dewar (LD) Series of cryogenic dewars are designed for storing and dispensing smaller amounts of liquid nitrogen.

The line includes a pitcher-style dewar for easy pouring (LD4), a beaker-style wide-mouth dewar (5LD), and a unique onion-style dewar (CLASSIC-25) that offers an improved center of gravity for ease of lifting and pouring. Liquid capacities range from 4 liters to 50 liters.

Aluminum Dewar Features:
• High performance modern construction
• Advanced insulation materials assure high thermal efficiency
• Rugged construction, ribbed high strength aluminum body, magenformed necktube design and durable paint system
• Lightweight snap-on cap and necktube assures tight closure and easy access
• Larger handles
• Superior vacuum performance with super insulation provides maximum holding times

Optional accessories include:
• Tipping stands and roller bases for certain dewars
• Measuring rods for determining liquid level inside the dewars
• Industry-leading liquid withdrawal device that provides safe and secure dispensing of liquid nitrogen at flow rates up to 8 liters per minute