Clean Room Moping/ MICRONCLEAN


The Micronclean PureGuard disposable mopping system is designed for cleanroom use up to ISO 14644 Class 4, GMP Grade A or B. The system has been designed for ease of use and eliminates the need for
• mixing of chemicals within the cleanroom
• waiting time within the cleanroom,
• disposal of waste fluids from within the cleanroom and
• the need to disinfect buckets and wringers, which are difficult to clean and sterilise.
In addition, the two-pocket design of the mop enables a hands free and secure connection to the mop frame without the need to handle the mop surface. Our patented mop system is available in two forms these being:
• Individual mops which are ideally suited to cleanroom floors of less than 150m² and
• Multi packed mops which are targeted at cleanroom floors of more than 150m².

The Multi-packed mop option is designed around a mop trolley which features a patented mop pouch dispenser and provides the carrying capacity for both clean and dirty mops to cover the larger floor area. The heart of the PureGuard system is the pre-saturated microfibre mops which are dosed to give up to 15m² coverage. The microfibre mops incorporate extremely low linting ‘endless fibre’ technology alongside batch manufacturing information to give absolute traceability. The Micronclean system of pre-saturated mops is fully GMP compliant in that it supports the routine cleaning of the floor using Delta neutral detergent before the application of a rotational disinfection schedule incorporating Alpha and Beta disinfectants. The Micronclean PureGuard microfibre mops are also available in a dry sterile condition.