Benchtop Shaking Incubators

Artificial intelligence system: maintains precise temperature by using MICOM
Suitable for bench space: Simple & convenient structure for experiment can be placed on testing bench
Precise temperature control: Special design for convection allows precise temperature control
Automation stop function: When the cover is opened, it automatically stops for safety and convenience
One-piece construction with acrylic cover: Trans-parent acrylic cover provides wide observation during experiment. Brushless DC motor provides low noise and no vibration
Easy to change various accessory platforms: Various accessories (100ml~2000ml, spring rack and micro-plate rack) can be placed and replaced easily
Watch dog function: Unexpected stop occurred by power failure or other means is shown to the user
Refrigeration Model (NB-205L): compact size but refrigeration available up to 4 degrees C (at less than 16 degrees C RT) ; size of chamber and platform same with NB-205L but, overall size is bigger due to compressor ; stable low temperature control for long time by using defrosting system.