BSL3 & 4 Autoclaves / TUTTNAUER

66 Laboratory Autoclave
• Bio-shield barrier hermetically seals between the differently qualified zones
• Thermal sterilization treatment sterilizes all effluent and waste water
• Double or single filtration systems ensure air is decontaminated before discharge
• Autoclave chamber, piping and fittings are made from 316L stainless steel
• Interlocks protect against passage of contaminated materials
• Double door pass-through autoclave

The Tuttnauer range of BSL autoclaves is designed to meet stringent Bio Safety Level requirements for BSL3 and BSL4 facilities. These include a hermetically sealed barrier between the different risk level zones and effective sterilization and disposal of all effluent and gases.

Special autoclave design consideration is given to:
• Autoclave and piping components
• Biological seal (Bio-shield)
• Effluent sterilization cycle
• Filter sterilization
• Safety valves and expansion vessel

Biological Seal: The bio-shield is a barrier whose purpose is to create a complete hermetic seal between the differently qualified zones, providing maximum biological containment between the zones. The bio-shield system meets BSL3 and BSL4 bio-safety levels using a combination of stainless steel plates and flexible neoprene wall seal to prevent micro-organisms from passing between zones. Jacket Frame – A fully welded metal flange with threaded studs surrounds the jacket. A counter plate is attached to the flange using the nuts provided. Any necessary fittings for electrical connections pass through this section of the bio-shield via specially sealed conduits. Wall Frame – A wall frame is built into the concrete wall of the building. Continuous neoprene sealing is used to seal the sterilizer completely in the aperture in the wall.