-86℃ PRO ULT freezers/ PHCbi

Specially designed for rugged ultra-low temperature applications in a laboratory environment (HFC refrigerants only). Extremely accurate, easy-to-read display. The temperature inside the freezer can be set and monitored easily by means of a microprocessor temperature control with an LED digital display. The thermostat incorporates a platinum resistor (Pt. 100Ω), precision and durability. High-performance refrigeration system with foamed-in-place cabinet insulation maximizes interior temperature uniformity and protects against fluctuating ambient temperatures.

Self-diagnostic function
The temperature sensor, filter sensor and cascade sensor monitor operation conditions continuously. Should abnormality be picked up, an erro r code and the current temperature will be displayed in turn.
Standard casters and levelling feet
Standard-equipped heavy duty casters make it easy to move a freezer when necessary. The levelling feet keep a freezer level and firm on the floor.
Steady chamber temperature The feature of the chest type is the low cold air leakage on door openings, and can keep a steady chamber temperature. Long frozen cell line, DNA , blood, and bone marrow, by high credibility, and precise temperature control.
Built-in temperature & power failure alarms (lamp / buzzer)
In case of power failure or an irregular rise in temperature, a rechargeable battery-operated indicator lamp and alarm will be activated. A compact recording unit which automatically records the inside temperature, and a backup system with liquefied CO2 or N2 which is selfactivated when a power outage occurs are also available separately. This equipment helps insure that the contents will be protected in the event of any power failure or mechanical trouble.

  • Low-profile design for easier loading and unloading
  • Ultra-freezing in minimal space
  • Alarm and safety devices